Thursday, February 16, 2012

750 And No End In Site

Yeah, this is our 750th post here at

It's been an interesting ride so far.

We've talked about everything from local events to Ron Jeremy's Rum.

We've met some great people, and made many friends
along the way.

Our mission with this site was to shed a positive light on our
beloved New Kensington and its surrounding neighborhoods.

And by much of the feedback we've received, we are doing exactly what
we set out to do.

We understand we can't entertain each any every one of you, with
each post we scribble.

Hell, we even bore ourselves some days.

Sometimes there just ain't anything interesting going on around here.

Those days are perfect for a reader email, or info about a local event
we think sounds cool.

We appreciate every one of you that reads our stuff.

And love the fact that many of you tell your friends about us, just
blows us away.

I mean c'mon...

Our little corner of the internet has over 1300 "likes" on facebook.

That is awesome.

So thanks for being there for us through the good and boring.

We hope you continue to check back in with us every now and again.


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