Friday, February 10, 2012

The Water Boys

It looks like the city is considering selling the water authority.


Yeah, they thought about selling it back in 2004ish, but there was more
drama than Ronnie and Sammi Sweetheart had on Jersey Shore
a couple seasons ago.


Thank goodness they don't focus on them any longer.

So yeah, back to our water...

The Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County sent of a
purchase proposal for our local watering hole.

The mayor thinks it's a good idea to talk to city council as well
as water board members.

We agree.

This is a big deal, that would affect many households throughout
the valley.

New Ken, Arnold, Lower Burrell, Upper Burrell, Allegheny Twp,
Washington Twp and Plum.

All of those areas are serviced by the New Kensington Water

Last time the NKWA appraised, it came in around $31 million.

Some think it will be closer to $35 million or more this time around.

When we get more details about the offer.

We'll let you know about 'em.

Nic emailed us his weather report for the weekend...

"Hey all, grab a coat, it's gonna be cold."

- Nic

You can't say he doesn't take his job seriously.

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