Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Votes Are In

We told you about the Pizza War going on at WCCC yesterday.

Well, the students have spoken...

In fact, 102 of them spoke.

Hopefully not with their mouths full of cheesy love.

And we're told that results were incredibly close for all 5 downtown
shops that entered.

But just like local blogging, there has to be a winner.

And since we don't know anything about making pizza,
we can only
rule in the internet geekiness department.

Have we delayed long enough in telling you the winner yet?


Now, we don't know how the blind judging went.

Did they blindfold 102 students?

That sounds kinda dangerous to us.

Maybe they just had the pizza cut up on unlabeled plates?

Maybe they trusted the students to cover their own eyes while
they noshed on the vittles?

Whatever was decided to be the best method for pizza war
integrity, we're sure it was well executed.

So here are the results:

1st Place - P&M Pizza (Arnold)

2nd Place - Perry Di Pizzaman (NewK)

3rd Place - Fox's Pizza (NewK)

Check out the sweet banners each of the winners are now proudly
displaying at their shops.

Oh, and pick us up a pie while you're there.


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