Thursday, February 23, 2012

Early Edition: We Really Need Your Help (Please Read and Repost)

A local man is missing.

His name is Chad Evanuik.

This is his picture:
He was last seen wearing a brown leather jacket, and blue jeans.

He stands 6 foot 1 inch and has brown hair and eyes.

He drives a 1996 Black Dodge Avenger with a license plate
of FSN-5572.

He has not been seen at school, or anywhere for that matter
since Tuesday.

A very dear friend of ours reached out to us in hopes we could spread
the word about Chad.

He is not a drunk or a partier.

He is a good kid.

Here is a section of the email we received, and it says it all...

Nobody knows anything...all that’s known is that he’s missing.
Normal, responsible people just don’t disappear.

If you have any information at all.

Even if you just think you may have seen him.

Please contact the Frazier Police Dept. at 412-473-3056

Please email this.
Please repost to your facebook.
Please post it to twitter.
Please click the share link.
Please help find Chad.


aj said...

I noticed on his facebook page that he activated facebook for android. From what I know is that generally facebook keeps location information enabled by default. It has been a few days but isn't it possible that his phone could be tracked through facebook location information?

Jennifer M. said...

Can someone turn on the locator feature on his cell phone?

Ryan said...

If he has an Android device, someone may be able to push out an app called 'Plan B' to his phone if it's still on and locate him.

Likewise, the police can go to his wireless provider and ask that they ping the cellphone if needed.

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