Friday, February 17, 2012

Our Favorite Face

Since there ain't much happening around here, we thought we'd
tell you about one of our new favorite people.

His name is Jack Blankenship.

And he makes us laugh.

Something not many people can do.

So, well done, him.

Why does he make us chuckle?

Because of this...

Jack is a freshman at Alabama.

Like many college kids around the nation, Jack decided to make an oversized
photo of someone's face.

But instead of making a Tebow or a Hulk Hogan, Jack took a picture
of a face he and his friends have made since middle school.

Not only is it hilarious, it is genius.

Jack is currently in our list of Top 5 Gingers.

Here is a video from a recent game.


Will we see you tonight at the Guinness Toast @ the Blind Pig?

We will be the ones making Jack's face all night long.


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