Thursday, February 9, 2012

We're Over It

This winter has been rather tame.

Sure we got some snow here and there (yesterday).

But we are ready for the weather to break.

Each year, when Valentine's Day approaches, we start dreaming
of warmer weather, and all the great things we do with it.

Disc Golf.
Drinking Cold Beer in a Tank-Top.

As we sit here watching coverage of the PGA Pro-Am at Pebble Beach,
we feel the itch to get out and "pound some rocks" on the range.

It's been too long since we sported a pair of khakis, and placed a few wagers
on a round of golf.

Is there a better way to spend a sunny day than draining a 20 footer
under pressure, and extending your hand to retrieve a few bucks
from your duffing buddy?
We think not.

But for now, since grass around here is covered with the white stuff.

We will tune in to coverage of Romo and Woods vs. Furyk and Rucker, and
hope that it tides us over until we can get out there ourselves.


Maybe a Golf Outing is in order this year.

Stay tuned.


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