Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Welcome Home Troops

This past Saturday the Reservists of the 307th came home to a hero's welcome.

And it was well deserved.

A little over a year ago, these men and women left the area and served
in Afghanistan until the end of January.

Being escorted by many firetrucks and police cars...

They arrived at Valley High at 3:30pm to a near packed house.

Family, friends and everyday citizens were there cheering, holding
signs and waving flags.

We were not able to attend, but our friends that were there said
it was "something special."

We wish we could thank each and every service man/woman for their

They truly are heroes.

Welcome home.

We've missed you.


Photo credit goes to Frank Sarno (DJ Frankie).

He helped hoist the flag over Stevenson Blvd this past Saturday.

You should check him out this Saturday night (9pm-2am) @ Ziggy's Bar
in Tarentum. Right next to our good friends at Gatto Cycle.

Their Anti-Valentine's Party will feature
drink specials/great tunes/good times.

And be sure to follow our lead during the Cupid Shuffle.

That's our jam.


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