Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fun Needs Your Help

We would totally do it.

But we have other things to do.

Like what, you ask.

Like writing this damn site everyday for nothing but the satisfaction
in knowing that we are looked at as the end-all be-all authority on
the great city of New Kensington.

So there.

Anyways, the city's recreation commission needs your help.

Are you up for the challenge?

See, they plan awesome events such as the Block Party, and the
Christmas Parade.

But they are a bit on the understaffed side of things.

They recently lost 33.333333333333333333% of the committee.

They went from three members, to two.

But they are ready to grow.

10-15 members would be perfect.

These fine people are trying to build spirit in the community.

Are you what they're looking for?

We think you are.

If you feel as though you have the want and will to make a difference
in your neighborhood, here is what you should do...

Contact New Kensington City Hall at 724-337-4523 or via email

We thank you for making things more fun around here.


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