Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Flippy Floppies On

It's been awhile since we've heard from our good friend Frank.

To be honest, if 3 days goes by without an email, we start
to worry and miss him.

But it seems warm weather brings out more than just a few pairs
of spandex shorts.

(Yeah, we saw a woman wearing some yesterday at Walmart in the Mills.)

Okay, okay.

Enough of our drivel.

Here's.... Frank!

yo yo yo what up newks. i was readin your website today while sittin next to my lil cuosins baby pool cuz it was hot out there. hell yeah i was drinking a cold forty of bud and had my flippy floppies on. i am lovin this weather. mostly cuz i hate havin to wake up all early at 10 and clean snow off my moms car. even the hot lady that lives next to us had a tanktop on and was out in her yard lookin all good. booyah. aight then ill check yall later.
frank the stank

Always great hearing from you Frank.

You be careful slugging beer and ogling the neighborhood milfs.


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