Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fat Tuesday 2012

Today is Fat Tuesday.

We celebrated by not wearing our man-braziers into the office today.

(It makes it easier for us to randomly flash our moobs at each other
in exchange for beads we bought at the Paper Mart in Hillcrest Plaza.)

So far, the skinniest guy is in the lead.

He manscapes, so it's not really fair.

Now, as we've said before, we aren't the most religious of folk.

Feel free to judge us.

So we don't really use Fat Tuesday for its intended purpose of drinking and
eating richer/fatty foods before the Lenten season starts, and fasting begins.

We do that every Tuesday.

And we will continue that tradition tonight, as a meal of chicken wings and
many beers is in our itinerary.

We may even swing by and see our buddy DJ Frankie over at the Parkview.

Anyone know if they serve Hurricanes?

Either way, have a safe and prosperous Mardi Gras.

And if you happen to see us around, don't be shy...

Earn some beads from us.


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