Wednesday, July 15, 2009

39 Years Old, And Ready To Retire.

I know a few people that could fit this headline, but the fact is, we
aren't talking about a person.

We are talking about a truck.

A truck that has served the NewK honorably for the last 14,240 days or so.
(We threw in a few extra days to account for leap years, so back off, Nerd.)

That's right kids...

New Kensington No. 3 fire department is ready for a new ride.

But I promise you this, we here at will surely miss Jenny
at this year's Christmas parade.

Now, we aren't sure that Jennifer is the truck's real name.
What we do know that Jennifer was the most popular name for girls in 1970.
(So the odds are with us that we are correct, Nerd.)

We also read that someone has already bid like $1200 for Jenny.

Seriously? $1200?

We paid nearly that much for an old canoe.

If the bidding is open to the public, we might plan on going public sooner than
we first had planned. We need some of that capitol right now.

Could you imagine a big old tricked out Newk firetruck rolling up
Freeport Rd., and pulling into the DQ to get a medium cone with sprinkles?

We'd have all our friends sitting on top of it, like they were the varsity football
team, and they'd be throwing candy at people as we drive by.

Parade style, Sucka.


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