Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Vern Was Bumpin'

This past Saturday was an even busier morning in Mt. Vernon, than the day
they tranquilized that cuddly little black bear that was just chilling in a tree.

I'm telling you what...

There are not many events that get our blood pumping around here like a
good old-fashion all you can eat pancake and sausage breakfast.

So you just know we had high hopes for our Saturday.

And as always, we will be 100% honest with you.
(Usually, when people tell you they are going to tell you the truth, a big fat stinky lie tends to follow.)

But that is not our style. Trust us.

So we rolled into the EKCC parking lot around 8:31am.

We were at the right place.

Let's zoom in...

By this point, we had our ticket ready.
(Oh, you know we pre-paid. Getting shut out was not an option.)

So we handed over our golden ticket, and spotted our people sitting at a primo table.

As soon as our flip-flop sporting feet carried us to our seat, a waitress was there
to greet us with a smile.

She knew I meant business, by my choice of footwear.

It is known worldwide, that any man wearing flip-flops to eat flapjacks, should
not be taken lightly.

I ordered a tall glass of 2%, which showed up almost immediately along with our first plate.

We decided to pace ourselves, so we had a little fun...
Pac-Man decided to skip his daily breakfast of powernuggets, and join
thenewk.com for some fluffy goodness.

Nom nom nom.

Now, our breakfast buddies arrived a good bit before us, so they were nearing the end
of their griddle cake adventure.

But they claimed some staggering numbers.

We won't get into specifics, but we'll tell you that we are very proud of them.

So our first plate went down like a drunk sorority chick, and we signaled our
waitress for a refill.

And here is the honesty part...

We only ordered 1 more pancake, flanked by 2 more sausages.

Telling you this fact not only opens us up for much ridicule, but also may affect
how we are viewed by other top-notch masculine websites.
(This is one of the days that we loathe google.)

We can't believe we just told you that.

We are mortified.

Because once it's on the internet, it can't be taken back.

We should be commended for our character and strength.

Please stop looking at us like that.

So anyways, we finished our food and thanked all the ladies who volunteered
their precious time on a beautiful Saturday morning.

They are saints. All of them.

After we left, we decided to take a cruise through the means streets of
Mt. Vernon, and see how busy the super-duper yardsales were going.

It was mayhem.

We almost ran down like 6 old ladies caring velvet paintings of Elvis and
also renderings of the last supper.

(If there were a velvet painting of Elvis at the last supper, we surely would have
pooned her and stolen that fine piece of art.)

Here is a quick shot we took while driving down Vernon.
Notice the massive amounts of jaywalking that was going on?

Criminals...all of them!

We ended up being so frustrated, that we never stopped the car and shopped around.

The temptation to assault someone was just barely tamed by the peaceful
nature of the pancakes residing in our bellies.

We made our way back to 7th street, and headed on home for a power nap.

That nap totally helped us regain our "center."

So there you have it.

What do you think?


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