Friday, July 31, 2009

Stuff For You To Do.

We are so very worried that our readers live ultra boring lives.
(Why else would you be reading this drivel?)

So every now and again, we try to enlighten you about some events that are
taking place in the area.

Some things sound fun.

Some things sound stinky.
(We'll get to that later.)

And some things sound outright delicious.

First off, we talked extensively about this yesterday.
The Animal Protectors in New Ken is having an adoption marathon.
Read HERE for more info.

Next we have a food and cultural event.
Mount St. Peters is hosting it's 28th Festa Italiana this weekend.
Music, food, kids games and a strolling accordionist.
Let the marinara and good time roll.
Click PASTA FAGIOLI for more info.

The Pittsburgh Pirates are back in town.
Well, at least people wearing their uniforms.
Tonight is floppy hat and dollar dog night.
Tomorrow night is some country singing chick with a big schoz.
Sunday is Ryan Doumit kid jersey day.
(The give-away is probably the only reason they haven't traded him yet.)

Beware: If you attend a Pirates game this weekend, be prepared for them
to pluck you from your seat, and sit you down on a plane heading for some other
major city.

The Pirates weren't the event we were calling "stinky."
Can you believe that?

Last but not least...

The Apollo Ridge school district is hosting it's 2nd annual "Cow Drop Bingo."
Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like.

I guess they write some numbers on the ground, then release a cow
that's pushing undies...the heifer proceeds to drop a steaming pile on a number.

Even if you don't have that number, you still gotta feel like a winner.

It's this Saturday at Owen's Field in Apollo.
Starts at 1pm and ends when everyone vomits and goes home.

Have fun, and watch your step.



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