Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We Love Emails

Here is one of the latest emails that was sent to us...

Dear thenewk-

I have been reading your site for awhile now and I think its funny and cool. But I would like to see more pictures and stuff that you take of your travels. I also think I’d be nice if you did some cool contests or something. I bet people would try and win something. And whats up with no people profiles like it says on the site? You can interview me if you want.

Okay then see ya later


First off, thank you so much for the email, D.

You bring up some great points, as well as complimenting us.

This might be the perfect email.

So here is our reply...

Dearest D,

Thanks for the kind words and the continued readership of our little slice of the internet. It's nice to know you enjoy the pictures that we post, because we really dig taking them for you. The reason we don't post more, is because our daily lives aren't exactly as exciting as we make them out to be. But know, that we would love to change that fact.

And the contest idea is awesome! We would love to run as many as we could. Problem is, local businesses really don't give us anything to give away. Maybe it's because we never ask them for anything. Maybe it's because we don't get enough hits for it to be worth it for them. Maybe we don't have enough facebook friends. But whatever the reason/reasons, we promise to look further into this matter. And if we do run contests, we will probably run them through our facebook fanpage, so be sure you sign up there to keep tabs on us. Also on the twitter.

We appreciate the offer for us to interview you. It's really sweet. We just don't have anything prepared to ask anyone yet. We also aren't 100% sure on what types of people our readers are interested in reading about. Do they want to hear about locals living here currently? Past residents that have moved on? Local lengends? Maybe all of the above.

You should notice some new stuff around here soon.

Thanks again for the letter-
TheNEWK staff

See how easy that goes?

Now please be aware, that we would never print any email we receive without
asking it's sender if it's kosher first. So please keep them coming.


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