Thursday, July 16, 2009

All You Can Eat, Baby.

You know that when we take the time out of our amazingly busy days to
tell you about an must be a doozy.

Well listen up, and get your fork ready.

This Saturday, there is an all you can eat sausage and pancake breakfast.

Yeah yeah, we know. It's short notice.
Fact is, we know most of you have an attention span that's no longer
than our derriere hairs.

And it's not like you had anything that could possibly more fun planned already.


So now that we've talked about food and our buttocks, it's information time.

Where: EKCC (corner of 7th st. and Powers dr./across from Martin Elementary)
Time: 5am to 10am
How Much: Only $5 for adults, $3 kids 10-4, and kids 3 or under eat free.
Benefit: It benefits the EKCC, which does great things for the local children
and many other groups in the community.

So get out there this Saturday morning, and bring your appetite.


We have a vested interest in this event.
And it's also for a really great cause.
So please go.

Hell you might even spot us.

We'll be the ones with a pancake on our head...

like this bunny.

Don't forget to tip your waitress.


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