Thursday, July 30, 2009

Can I Get A Woof Woof?

Listen up.

Today is the beginning of the Adoption Marathon at Animal Protectors
located at 533 Linden ave. in New Kensington.

Animal Protectors is a non-profit shelter located in the NewK that has a no-kill policy.

But the shelter is jam packed. It is holding 75 cats and dogs with an additional
30 in foster homes, leaving the shelter with no place to accept more animals.

And other than housing pets, they help with a program that provides pet food to
pet owners that can no longer afford to feed them.

So today through this Sunday, is how long the marathon will last.

If you are an animal person, and you have the love, time and home to provide an animal,
please think about heading on down and adopting or fostering an animal in need.

Even if you would like to make a donation.
(Petsmart gift cards are probably a great idea.)

We here at theNEWK don't take many things very seriously.

But this is one of those issues that we care deeply about.

Here is a link to their site with more info. CLICK HERE!

We care so much that we are going to ask you for a favor...

Please copy the link of this page, and post it on your facebook for your friends
to see. It won't take many of you to get the word out, and maybe help a poor
puppy in need.

We are sorry for being serious today.

We'll try to make it up to you tomorrow.


theNEWK said...

Let us know if you like this cause. Because if you do, we will surely like you.

Almost as much as we love Lee Greenwood.

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