Thursday, July 23, 2009

Yo Calvin, Is That You?

Word out of Che-Town is that the one and only Snoop Dogg
might be rolling through sometime this fall.

Now, there is no ticket info as of yet, but Cheswick city officials seem rather confident
that the D-O-Double is coming.

They say he'll be playing the Ches-A-Rena.

Do we gotta rent skates?

I remember the days before inline, when the guys had to rent those tan
skates with the big ass orange stoppers on the front.

I also remember getting a slice of funky butt pizza, and nearly dying
as I tried to park myself in one of those tiny booths.

And if I did make it in the seat, I would sit on my locker key and
bruise my cute butt cheeks.

Forgive me...I got distracted.

Back to the show.

Yeah, they are saying it's gonna be September 11th, and from what I understand,
it's not the Ches-A-Rena anymore. It's called Club Gravity.

They must have named it after me falling down all the time.

The city is trying to get all it's ducks in a row, even though as we said before,
no info is available for this event.

Our theory is as follows:

Snoop is a huge Steelers fan.
The Steelers open up the NFL season at home on the 10th.
Snoop will be in town for the game, so he figured...
"Yizzle, I mind as wizzle make a few dolla bizzle while I'm up in the steel tizzle."
Now, that's just our take on things.

What do you thizzle?

We think there is no way we miss this shizzle

Fo'shizzle dizzle.


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