Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Swisher Tweets

So we've gone ahead and done it.

"Done what, Newk? Did you solve the perpetual motion conundrum?"

No, but we're working on that.

Stop sidetracking us. We already suffer heavily from A.D.D..

Now where were we?

Mortal Combat, that game was intense.


That's not what we were talking about.
Damn you attention span!

Let's get back on track...

Oh yeah, we've gone ahead and done it.
We've signed up for twitter.

We know, we know...twitter blows goat. And it will probably be obsolete
in a week and two days. But whatever. We did it anyways.

Call us what you will, but we actually have a dream that some of you
truly care about what we have to say. Even though you don't show us your
love by taking 2 seconds to sign up here and leave us a comment.

Inconsiderate bastards.

So anyways, we signed up for it and stuff. Yippie!

So take a look at our page, and follow us if you want to.
We promise not to tell you every little detail, like when we poop and stuff.



Jess L said...

Twitter during the Stanley Cup finals was awesome.

theNEWK said...

We would have been too drunk to participate, but I bet it was amazing. Go Pens.

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