Friday, July 31, 2009

Taking The Morning Off.

Hey morning reader!

What's going on?

What did you have for breakfast?

We haven't awoken yet.

("awoken" didn't trigger any bad spelling red squiggles, so I guess that it's a word. Although it doesn't look right at all.)

Please forgive us.

Our creative juices weren't flowing just yet.

Even though we had a great idea this morning, the thought of typing made us cringe.

Back to you...

Do you like coffee or tea?

Cream or sugar, or maybe both? Oh-la-la.

Waffles or pancakes?

Bacon or sausage, or maybe ham? Sha-zam.

But anyways, there are a few things that we want to tell you about, so we'll
try to come back at a reasonable time and inform you.

You know say daddy me snow me-a gon blame
A licky boom-boom down
'Tective man he say, say Daddy Me Snow me stab someone down the lane

A licky boom-boom down"

Don't hate cause that song is stuck in your head this weekend.


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