Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Do You Have Plans?

We received a few similar emails these past few days.

So, we decided to post one, and answer it.

Aren't we a bunch of sweeties?

Dear Newk Team-

Do you have any plans for New Years Eve? I am going out drinking with friends. Would you all like to join us?

Have a good year.

Hey Tiffany.

Thanks so very much for the invite.
We are flattered.

Fact is, we already have some plans of our own.

We are heading to a friends house, and partying there.

It's our NewK Years Eve Bash.

Also, we have been talking about forming a
Newk Polar Bear Club.

We have received quite a bit of interest.

Normally, the polar bears take a New Years Day dip
into a chilly waterway.

We are a little late in planning such an event.

Which means we didn't have the time to find a safe and
proper place for us all to take the plunge.

It could happen very soon though, so keep an open
mind, and we'll pass along the details as they are made.

If you know of somewhere we can make this happen,
please email us asap.

Thanks so much.


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