Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It May Be Raining, But It's Snowing In Our Hearts

As I sat there yesterday, eating an Italian hoagie
from Rosa's (love on a bun), I poured through
the amazing pictures that David Cooper snapped
of the New Ken Christmas parade this past Saturday.

We were in awe.

From both the yummy sub, and the pictures.

We are working on one of our famous videos, but until
it's finished, we are going to give you what you want.

What you need.

What you desire.

So, without further ado...


Here we come.

Special thanks to Charapp Dodge in Natrona Heights, for
providing us with a truck big enough to fit our elf friend.

We told you our surprise was "big."

Girl Scout troop 20134 with a sweet float.

Our very good friend, Debo the Clown.

It wouldn't be a parade, without Fireman Frankie.

Waiting on the big guy.

There he is.

It's Santa!

*Don't forget, you can click on the pictures for the
full sized version.

Honestly, it was such a fun day.

We are so happy that New Kensington allowed us to be
a part of this great tradition.

It snowed, but wasn't too cold.

The people that gathered along the parade route, seemed
to be having such a great time.
(Especially those on Fifth Ave., they were really into it.)

Thanks again to all the people that cheered and waved
to us. Thanks also, to the young boys that made fun of
our homemade Santa style beard.
(It must have been karma, that made sure we ran out of delicious
candy right before we got to where you stood.)

Video will be finished soon.

We promise.

Also, if you missed yesterday's entry.
We are conducting a sweet giveaway contest.

Read about it HERE.


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