Friday, December 11, 2009

Don't Let It Pass You By

As I'm sitting here, thinking about what to
write about today.

I realized there is less than 2 weeks before
Christmas Day.

2 weeks.

I got scared, that I was not enjoying this time
of year as much as I should be.

See, I'm a huge Christmas fan.

I love the lights.
I love the smiles.
I love the sales.
I love the time spent with my family.
I love giving.
I love receiving.
(Get your mind out of the gutter.)
I love holiday car commercials.
I love turning the tree lights on.
I love wrapping presents.
I love pistachios.
I love Christmas ales at the 6 and Save.

There are many more things I love, but I sense
you are getting bored.

I feel the need to get out amongst the people.

Shake some hands, and kiss some babies.

Fact is, I won't do either of those things.

See, I'm a germaphobe, so the handshaking is out.

And babies would not appreciate the scratchy, yet
rugged/sexy feel of my winter beard.
(Same goes for my wife.)

So here's my plan.

I will take a few evenings over the coming week, and
drive around filming some local light displays.

I will then edit the video down to a proper length, and
set it to some good music.

When I'm finished, I will share it with you all.

Isn't that awesome of me?

I know, I'm a total dreamboat.

It's time for theNEWK weekend weather report...

"It's gonna suck, but it could be worse."


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