Thursday, December 17, 2009

We're A Little Distracted

Yeah, that seems to happen a lot this
time of year.

With so many things going on all at the same

Stuff to do almost every night of the week.

People are having parties.
People need help with their tree.
People want to grab a drink.
People get married.
People march in parades.
People have houses to clean.
People have gifts to wrap.
People need to do laundry.
People have to write blogs.

There are many events and responsibilities that
come with the holiday season.

It is very easy to start feeling overwhelmed.

Today is one of those days for us.

Be here, be there...gotta be everywhere.

Go go go!

So as I sit here relaxing a bit, one thought
storms through my head more than any other...

How does Carson Daly have a career, let alone
his own television show?

That guy is a total douche, with a weird shaped

Every time I forget to change the channel as soon
as Late Night with Jimmy Fallon ends, I must
witness a few seconds of the overly fake Carson Daly.

God, I just want to express deliver a fist, right to his suckhole.

Do you see what stress can do to a person?

Stress just made me turn this peaceful site, into
a hate spewing montage of verbal assaults, and
delusions of physical violence.

(Which I have no intentions of acting on, if I were to ever
actually meet Mr. Carson Daly. As I fear his
eyebrows would catch my fist, spin my arm around
my back, and make me scream "uncle," ala Scott Farkus
in the Christmas Story movie.)

So, what's the point of today's post?

Nothing really.

I just needed to vent for a minute.

Oh yeah.

If there was any question about the greatest
Christmas commercial of the year.

Here it is.

Only bad thing, is it's a Radio Shack commercial.

And I hate Radio Shack.


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