Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Super Tuesday!

We here at theNEWK are happy to announce our
first giveaway contest.

And it's a great one!

It's the time of year for many different things...

- Decorating the tree.
- Baking cookies.
- Shopping.
- Watching college bowl games.
- Cleaning up the house.
- Shopping.
- Drinking Christmas ale.
- Reading about liquor licenses in the paper.
- Shopping.

With all of those things to do, who has time
to groom the family pet?

And even if you had the time, you'd probably
make your pet look like this...

Well, one lucky winner isn't going to have to
worry about it this year.


Because LolliPUPs Pet Grooming is giving
one lucky winner a $30 gift certificate!

How awesome is that?

So here's the skinny:

To enter the contest, all you have to do is send
an email to us here, at

*Be sure to put "Lollipups Contest" in the subject line.
(You don't have to put it in italics, as we're not even sure
if that's possible.)

Now, you don't have to own a pet to win.
(We don't discriminate.)

But if you do own a pet, be sure to include a
photo of it, and you will receive 1 extra entry.

The contest will go on for about a week.
We will then randomly select a winner.

At that point, you will receive your prize from:
LolliPUPs Pet Grooming
1709 7th Street Road
New Kensington, Pa. 15068
724.339.PUPS (7877)

Just in time for a holiday trim!

We will not use/sell your email address.
We promise.

We will also try to put together a tribute, to all
the dogs and cats that we get pictures of.

Alright people...

Let's get this started!



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