Monday, December 21, 2009

Random Picture Monday (12-21-09)

This truck has the spirit.


Not only is it Random Picture Monday, it's the start
of Christmas Week here at theNEWK.

The next 2 days, will bring 2 new videos.

We will also be keeping you updated, on any and all
news that's going on in the area.

It's a super busy week for us, but it's totally worth it.

We love Christmas.


We would like to thank everyone for their comments and
emails up to this point, wishing us happy holidays.

Keep em' coming.

This might be our favorite feature of Christmas Week.

Each day, we will post one of the best Cousin Eddie
quotes from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

"She falls down a well, her eyes go cross. She gets
kicked by a mule, they go back. I don't know.


3 days til Christmas


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