Thursday, December 3, 2009

Just In Time For The Holidays

We have been trying to get this together for a while now.

But you don't have to wait any longer!

We have been paying for all the things we do, out of our
own shallow pockets.

We were just going to ask you to donate.

But that sucks, and is boring.

So we made it worth your while...

When you make a $20.00 donation
($22.00 for the big boys),
you will receive a sweet "I <3 Biff" t-shirt!


You get a shirt for each donation you make.

Not only will you be stylish, and rad.
You will also be helping us continue on with our mission.

If this seems like something you'd be interested in,
just look over to your right, and pick a size (or 2) and order.

We are accepting payments through PayPal.
(The most trusted payment site on the internet.)

So use your PayPal account, major credit card, or debit...
and be confident about a secure transaction.

Second reminder:

This Saturday morning at 11am, the New Kensington
Christmas parade is taking place.

We will be in it.

You should come and cheer for us.
Or walk along with us.



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