Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rain, Sleet, Wind...Oh My

Damn, yesterday was a windy and wild one.

We actually saw a cat get blown over.

That's a lie.

Anyways, we thought the post title was a nice
segue into a solid email we got.
Going Postal...

I don’t envy Postal workers. I realized this while standing in line the other day. Specifically, I feel bad for this one particular reason: I’ve noticed that as soon as some customers get in line at the post office, they feel they have the right and appointed duty to start complaining loudly to everyone within earshot how slowly the line is moving and how poor the service is. We all know this guy (and it’s usually a guy.) We listen to him, avoid his eye contact, maybe mumble our agreement halfheartedly, or simply suffer this fool in silence. If you’ve never had the pleasure of enduring this jerk, then I have news for you. You are That Jerk.

If this is you, stop it. Now. You’re not cool. You’re not impressing anybody with your self-importance. You might as well be wearing a shirt that says, “I’m an a-hole” on the front and “I’m comically disappointing in bed” on the back. You’re only making everyone miserable. When everyone’s miserable, the mood turns foul, which makes people dislike the post office. It’s actually not a bad place. Most of the employees are actually trying hard to work quickly to make sure everyone’s properly served.

(For full disclosure, I don’t work for the post office, nor am I married into it or affiliated with it in any way. I’m just opinionated.)

To avoid this hassle, I always try to head to the Arnold branch. You know the one at 1740 Fifth Avenue, the one with the free parking lot? I always go there because it’s fast, quiet, easy, and courteous. In and out, piece of cake. Their hours are somewhat limited, which is why I was in line at the other place the other day listening to That Jerk.

As it turns out, the Arnold branch is a very well-kept secret, which is why I like it so much. Here’s the problem: maybe it’s too secret. I just found out that it might be on the chopping block due to inevitable cutbacks across the board. This, in my opinion, sucks. I like my great service, and don’t really feel like being shuffled back in line at the main branch, listening to That Jerk over and over again.

Don’t get me wrong; I really like the staff at the main post office here in New Kensington. They’re great people. I just don’t like to wait twenty minutes for every transaction.

Next time you’re waiting in line and the woman in front of you is trying to mail an artificial Christmas tree without a box (I’m not making that up,) head over to Arnold. You’ll be glad you did. Spread the love around a bit. They’ll appreciate it. If you’re so inclined, ask for a questionnaire to save the branch. They’ll appreciate that too.

Mostly, though, don’t be That Jerk. Seriously. Keep your damn misery to yourself. Not just because it’s Christmastime, but in general. You’ll find your restaurant food will suddenly taste less like waitress spit, and maybe people will start being nicer to you. You get what you give.

We told you it was solid.

Unfortunately, we have nothing else to say.

I'm a bit under the weather.

No, it's not the swine flu.

My wife says I have the "whine flu."
Cause that's all I do when I'm sickly.

Still working on the video.

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Gonna die now.


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