Friday, December 18, 2009

Need Something Else To Look Forward To?

Next week is Christmas Week.

Not only in the really real world, but also
here at theNEWK.

There will be:

- Pictures
- Videos
- Cheer
- Laughs
- Jolly Good Times

We have a few surprises lined up.

So make sure you check in daily.

Unfortunately for you today, we don't have
much else to talk about.

As it would probably be a waste of our time.

It seems nobody reads the internet on Fridays.

Have fun shopping.

Here's you NEWK weekend weather report:

"It's gonna be chilly, with some snow. Did you know I won the
Best Actor Oscar for my Role in Leaving Las Vegas?"

EDIT 2:43pm Friday:

It's going to snow so much that the world will
completely shut down.

Go buy milk and bread, and prepare for the worst.

Two inches later, eat some sandwiches, and laugh
about how worried you were.


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