Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Our Top 10 List

Everyone else is doing it.

Why shouldn't we?

So here you have it, our top 10 posts
of 2009!

12 Days Of Christmas In The Newk

So we read an article today, that laid out all the costs of the different items named, in the popular tune "The Twelve Days Of Christmas."...

Huge Bed, No Sheetz

By the looks of things, we might be getting another Sheetz convenience store to spend our money at. There are rumors that Lower Burrell wants in on some of the hot MTO market...

The Path Of Most Resistance

Chances are, some of you reading this attended Valley High School. And if you are one of those proud few, chances are you probably walked to school. (As this is the first year they are busing students.)...

Pride Is Infectious

We here at the Newk always ask you to send us emails. We love getting them. Even the ones promising penis enlargement. (Damn liars.)...

Was Front Page The Right Page?

Did any of you see the front page of the Valley News Dispatch yesterday? If so, we imagine that you also have a new image burned into your head...

We Like Nice People

This afternoon, I headed out to my local Giant Eagle to pick up a few essentials. (Bagels, Dorito's and Diet 7up)...

Leech And Chong

It seems a few Leechburg folk have been doing some gardening as of late. It also looks like they will be spending a little time in the county lock-up as well...

What A Day, What A Day

So yesterday morning, I packed up my little video
camera, and headed on down to meet David Cooper. See, we made plans to go check out this year's Veterans Parade in New Ken and Arnold...

Tarentum Is Under Attack

You read that correctly. Tarentum, Pa. is currently in the battle of it's lifetime. So please be sure to use extreme caution when entering the Tarentum city limits...

All 4 Stops of Wingapalooza:

The Rainbow


We put out some good stuff this past year.
Don't you think?

All we know is, our mothers are very proud of us.
(Even if you aren't.)


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